ATT Uverse Promotions

Posted on: March 14th, 2014

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ATT Uverse promotions

ATT promotion receive a Samsung TV, Sonos Play, Samsung Tab 3 or a Visa $120 Gift card when ordering Uverse internet and phone or Uverse internet and Cable tv Offer expires 3/29/2014

ATT Uverse Promotions

You have until March 29 to get a free 22-inch Samsung TV with your purchase of a Double Play package. If you subscribe now through our site to:

• Cable TV and Internet from AT&T U-verse, or

• any double play broadband package + Phone from U-verse…


then, you will receive one of these gifts :

a 22-inch Samsung TV

• a Sonos Play wireless speaker

• a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablet

• a Visa card $120

Uverse vs Xfinity


Are you still in doubt between Comcast’s Xfinity and ATT U-verse specials? Do not think twice, in March, your choice is clear. Let’s compare Xfinity vs U-verse.


As U -verse, Xfinity also offers a Visa gift card. What are the differences? Xfinity delivers a card worth $ 100. You only get it if you hire a triple package, which costs $99 per month (with a two-year contract). Instead, ATT gives you a Visa card worth $ 120 and requires only a one-year contract.

TV + Internet

Both companies offer a wide range of access speeds to the Internet. Comcast has a double pack (Internet and television) called “Xfinity Latino Max”, which provides TV programming in Spanish and costs $ 90 a month. The connection speed is spectacular (50 Mbps), but only comes with 120 TV channels (half of them in Spanish). In comparison, for a little less money, the U300 package from AT&T gives you 390 channels. Their data transmission speed is much slower than that of Xfinity (18 Mbps). Still, it is suitable for streaming.

Internet + Phone

As we said at the beginning, you can also earn a device (tablet, TV or wireless speakers) if you hire a double package from AT&T. Deals start at $ 30 per month (3Mbps). For $ 45 a month, you get 18 Mbps. To get similar speeds to those offered by Xfinity, you’ll have to opt for the $ 65 plan from AT&T.

At this , Xfinity has no special Voice + Internet packages that we may compare with AT&T. Of course, you can still add both services. For example, you could combine their Economy plan (3Mbps, $ 20) with Xfinity Unlimited ($ 30 a month).

Given the above ATT U-verse plans, prices and rewards, we believe ATT is your best choice in March. As if all that were not enough, any ATT U-verse package comes with a money back guarantee for 30 days (cost of installation and first month of service). So, you see, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Is U-verse available in my area?

To find out whether a ATT Uverse promotion

To find out whether a U-verse promotion is available in your area, Call now 877-724-7126   or verify online with your address what offers are available. Remember, this free Samsung TV promo expires on March 29, 2014 so order the service now!