Charter Internet Prices

Posted on: March 12th, 2014

Charter High Speed ​​Internet speeds reach over 30 Mbps (5 s faster than the U -Verse AT & T plans ) more than enough bandwidth for entertainment, productivity, and Internet for a while. Charter Internet Prices are some off the most competive. The bandwidth is lightning fast thaso various devices can be connected simultaneously without noticing a reduction in quality .

So you can choose Charter internet without bundle or save even bigger by bundling Cable Service and phone service. Our Bundle experts have prepared this mini guide to help you the best Charter package .

$ 30 = Charter Internet Plus Package

The simplest option to have Internet at home is the Plus plan. you receive a free modem and you are ready to surf the web!

The upload speed is up to 4 Mbps, more than enough to share your photo album online or to upload videos to YouTube. The Service Plus High Speed ​​Internet costs $ 30 per month for the first year .

$ 30 + $ 20 = Charter Package Plus + Internet Phone service

With this Bundle you get unlimited Internet and Home Phone service , including international calls, call waiting , voice mail and call forwarding plan. Calls to 411 are abolutely free.



$ 30 + $ 60 = Select Internet TV Plus +Phone

All your favorite channels are waiting in the TV Select plan. Includes more than 125 Channels , Includes a variety of local channels and free HD broadcasts .

Besides , with this bundle You can watch TV from mobile devices.

Would you like to record your favorite programs for viewing later?

Easy. Get a Charter digital video recorder  ( $ 20 extra ) with the capacity to save an entire month of programming. Of course you need an extra life then to see all your recorded programs (not included … )

Select + $ 20 = Silver

This is verything in the Select Plan plus another 50 channels

Silver + $ 20 = Gold

Now if your budget allows you spend an extra $20 more the Gold plan is definitely for you. Includes all the above plus 25 channels of Silver as Starz, Encore and Epix . This plan is full of Movie channels for all those movie lovers. We hope we have been able to clear your concerns on Charter Internet Prices

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