Internet TV Bundles

Posted on: March 11th, 2014

Now you can combine Triple entertainment and communication ,Internet TV Bundles that combine Internet access , Cable TV and phone all in one . . It is what is known as a Triple Play, a service that Cable TV providers are able to offer for the simple fact that their networks have enough capacity to transport hundreds of simultaneous signals along with a broadband connection . As we will see in this article, bundles of Cheap Internet Cable tv and phone are many and varied for U.S. residents . Without further adieu , we tell you about the cheapest and top value packages.

Internet and TV Bundles

Cable Package

The Cable triple play packages  lets you make unlimited calls to any destination in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico for a fixed monthly rate. Lowest price (called Standard ) provides more than 70 channels, including HD signals , and the ability to watch TV on a tablet in any room in your home. The intermediate package ( Basic) , which offers access to nearly three s the amount of television channels as the standard ,on-demand (you can choose from 15,000 titles ) and a Turbo package, to over 200 channels. The rates of rise and fall of Internet information are similar to Standard ( up to 3Mbps down and 1 up) , and much higher in Turbo ( 20Mbps ) package. Prices? From $ 80 to $ 120.

Xfinity Bundles

For $ 99 per month , Comcast is offering a Visa$ 150 prepaid card with your Xfinity Triple bundle (requires two-year contract ) . This is the ideal plan for residents in the U.S. who call their relatives and friends regularly, because it comes with 300 minutes per month to talk to those International . The download speed is fantastic ( 20Mbps ) . As far as TV is concerned, the offer includes 60 channels ( MultiLatino Max). If the phone does not interest you , we recommend their Double Bundles (TV + Internet ), which start at $ 50 per month with download speeds up to 25Mbps ) . For just $ 10 more you get twice the speed and 45 extra channels .

U-verse phone Internet TV Bundles

AT&T is no slouch with the triple bundle . For $ 89 a month ( and 1 year contract ) you receive 130 TV channels, more telephone minutes and faster Internet ( 6Mbps downloads ) . If you are not interested in phones, double play packages are not very convenient compared to other providers.


The FiOS double play costs $ 70 a month . Comes with download speeds of 15Mbps and a few HD channels , not including popular premier channels : neither HBO or Cinemax or sports channels. For $ 80 a month you get the FiOS Triple Play the first year ( for the second year  $ 90). The offer is similar, with the addition of phone service and Visa prepaid  $ 300 card.