Optimum Internet Plans

Posted on: April 7th, 2014

Former Grumman workshops (air engineering contractor, responsible for the famous F14 Tomcat and the Apollo lunar modules) are still there in Bethpage, New York. From that location, operates one of the largest Internet companies on the East Coast of the United States. That company is Cablevision. Through its brand, Optimum Online offers great Optimum Internet Plans, the company provides broadband and high speed Internet for the whole area of New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Optimum Internet plans are offered in three types of high speed bundles.

The simplest plan is called Optimum Online, period. It is ideal for users surfing daily, who actively participate in social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Download speeds reach up to 15 Mbps. You can watch videos without annoying delays, download music and transfer photos. At that speed, a 1 GB movie downloads in 9 minutes. This plan includes WiFi (you may connect up to 5 devices such as a smart TV, tablets or desktops) from any corner of the house. It sells for $ 30 if you have Optimum Triple Play; otherwise it costs $ 50 per month.

Optimum Internet Plans

The next Optimum Internet service plan is best for those users who download movies from Hulu or Netflix to enjoy a Smart TV with full HD. It is the Ultra 50 and you get it for an additional of $ 5. Up to 10 devices can be connected via WiFi simultaneously without quality loss. At 50 Mbps, a 1-GB film is ready in less than 3 minutes.

Finally, the Ultra 101 service is ideal for users of cell phones with 4G technology, owners of 3D TVs, video game lovers and families who make multiple downloads at once through services like Amazon or Netflix. It takes just a minute to download 1 GB at a speed of 101 Mbps! For this plan, you pay $ 55.

The Ultra plans come with online storage service. Ultra 50 provides 12 GB of capacity; meanwhile, Ultra 101 offers 75 GB. An online storage is extremely useful for hosting movies or for backup of sensitive information. With both services, you can also send bulky messages (up to 100 MB), which usually cannot be transferred with ease on most email servers.